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NextMoon Token

A Token With A Real Projectnew

A token with blockchain projects, centred around NFT ecosystem + Moonshots investing and discovery. SOME NUMBERS

What Is NextMoon?

Professional Team

* With decades of experience in marketing & Software dev.

Very Simple Tokenomics


Our tokenomics are simple, yet powerful. We simply burn 5% of each transaction, direct burn not through reflection to burn address. We do not do reflections because they are almost insignificant for the small holder and it does mostly benefit whales. We did not do a presale, to limit whales and allow us to keep enough tokens to actually produce some software solutions. We limit the buy transaction to only 1 billion NextMoon per transaction to reduce your risk exposure and limit the whales.


Burned By Transactions



Yes, Still Early!


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Moonshots Discovery
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Screenshot 3
NFT focus

Not a zero-sum game.

No one should be left holding worthless bags. To sustain a continual growth, it requires a hyper growth pegging. That is why we want to focus on NFTs and Moonshots

Early Investing
in Moonshots

Focus on Art
Of the Blockchain

Many planned usability cases

We have many planned short term and long term usability cases for our token.

6 reasons


Why you should get


NextMoon is a token with many utilities.

We have selected the 3 already available reasons to get NextMoon. Check below:


SPEND for NFT Gallery

Spend NextMoon to get exclusive NFTs curated in our NFT gallery and that can be acquired only with NextMoon token.


HOLD forCommunity Memberships

Hold NextMoon token to get access to different community memberships levels, among which a membership to offer your NFTs in our gallery.


BURN asAdvertising Token

Burn specific Amounts of NextMoon token, to be able to advertise your project to our community.


NextMoon Token Information

Contract Address: 0xe665d9abcfe78962385aa5a8aa0a35e33b8f2c20

NextMoon is a token on BSC(binance smart chain). NextMoon has a 5% burn rate in each transaction making it a fast deflationary token. Initial supply was 10 trillion, but due to high burn rate it is decreasing fast, you can check it on BSscan.

You can buy Nextmoon on PancakeSwap

* Maximum amount you can buy per transaction is 1 billion NextMoon.

Project roadmap

Project Roadmap

You can call this a summary of our white paper.
We are working on 2 different software solutions.

Software solution x2 !

We are currently working on 2 software solutions, 1 concerning NFTs and the other concerning token discovery. We are still very early at this stage, and work will accelerate once we can put more resources in these projects (we have a dedicated software dev wallet, holding 15% of our tokens, these tokens will fund these development and any future development projects).

NFT solution
Moonshots solution

Token Roadmap



Smart Contract - Development, deployment and verification.

Liquidity Pool - Development of lock smart contract and locking liquidity LP for 1 year.

Token - Update of information on BSCscan.

Token - Listing on Blockfolio.

Token - Listing on CMC & CoinGecko.

Smart Contract - Perform an Audit.

Token - Listing on centralised exchanges.

token roadmap

Events & Announcement

Find below a list of all our active events and announcements, including contests, giveaways, progress in roadmaps ...

Warning! Cryptocurrency is Risky!

Cryptocurrency is a game of supply and demand, a game of perceived value. All cryptos follows the financial greater fool theory, that also applies to all kind of assets including gold, diamond, art, oil, stocks, money or even real estates.

Despite our best intentions, we can not guarantee that you might not lose partial/total value of your investment. Keep this in mind when investing here, or in crypto generally.
Crypto is governed by supply and demand mecahnism, thus leads to price fluctuation and hence increase or decrease of the value of your coins & tokens.
Our token rely on Binance Smart Chain and Pancakeswap to function and be traded properly, thus any issues affecting these platforms will reflect on us.
Do not invest more than you can afford to lose! In no case we would support your decision to take a loan to buy our token, spend your rent money, your school fees, sell a kidney or even sell your grandma to buy our token. Any member of our community that would entertain or promote such dangerous financial ideas will be banned immediately. Taking risks should be done responsably!!

Before purchasing check with the laws of your country, if they prevent you from purchasing cryptocurrencies or tokens like ours. We can not be held responsible for your decision.
This token is issued on Binance Smart Chain, we can not be held responsible for any issues with the BSC or with the Pancakeswap decentralised exchange.

Needed Ambassadors

We are looking for people who would be willing to be our ambassadors, writing about us, talking, making videos and engaging with others about our project.

Marketing Magicians

We are looking for token marketing magicians, if you really consider yourself a magician get in contact with our CM on telegram or reddit.

Positive Community

We strive to build a positive community. For this we are transparent, supportive, and firm against unacceptable behaviors.

NFTs Contest

If you are holding 1 billion NextMoon, you get access to our NFT membership, and 1 of your NFTs can be displayed in our gallery.

Translators Needed

We are looking for people to translate our marketing materials and few announcements. soon

Reddit Giveaway

We are giving away every week 0.1 BNB worth of NextMoon, to join please check the conditions and how to join the Reddit contest. Cancelled

Twitter Giveaway

We are giving away every week 0.1 BNB worth of NextMoon, to join please check the conditions and how to join the twitter contest. check

Content Contest

Create a tiktok or youtube video use the hashtag #NextMoon. Check full details. soon